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Head of Writing

Unnati is a student of class 12th and has a keen interest in literature, both classical and contemporary, some of her favourite authors being Thomas Huxley, Virginia Woolf, and Paulo Coelho. She is a part of her school’s student council and serves as the head of the editorial board of her institution's literary magazine.   

Unnati has a flair for introspection and analysis, and is often found pondering over subjects ranging from world politics to the seemingly mundane events of day-to-day life, with philosophy being another area of great intrigue to her.   

Being an egalitarian, she passionately advocates for social justice and serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Lipstick Under Your Patriarchy, an online blog which frequently puts up informative articles on intersectional feminism. She works as the Head of Content Curation at The Politindia, which is a student-led organisation striving to educate the youth of today on socio-political issues. She also works for The Uncut Team, a news and media website in the capacity of an editor and a content creator.  

In addition to all this, Unnati has always managed to maintain a consistent and commendable academic record, having scored an aggregate of 96% in her ICSE board examinations. She is also one of the most kind-hearted, supportive and thoughtful individuals you’ll come across.