Symposium with Dr. Hariom Jani

A possible future of computing

Talking about the possible future of computing, Dr. Hariom Jani said “Computing shall not only be limited to storing data but also analysing, predicting and charting it so well that it compete with human beings.

“Some of the earliest computers (the mainframe computers) came after the Second World War. They occupied a gigantic volume of nearly 10 m. However, as the years have gone, we have witnessed an exponential decrease in the volume to about less than a mm of ‘scale sensors’ (an imperative part of the Internet of Things)"

He further talked about the Moore’s law, which predicted that there will be exponential increase in the efficiency of the transistors over the span of two years. However, the sustainability of such a law will be a major issue because of the behaviour of the particles at the quantum realm. So it can be inferred that its the end of the Moore’s law.”

Model of a Computer:

Dr. Jani briefed regarding the basic Von Neumann’s structure of a computer that includes- Logic United, Control Unit and Memory. He said, ‘ The structure has been very successful since 1945. Although, there has been a significant development in the individual components (the processor and memory); the channel becomes a bottleneck which in turn decreases the energy and performance. The cache (or local memory) has been working well but very high cache is not feasible.” He concluded, “In order to overcome this issues, we need to establish a new paradigm in which memory and logic are in the same place, just like brain.”

About the ‘Hedgehog Whirl’:

‘In conformity with the previous discussion, there has been research of new structure in which the logic and memory has been integrated into a single unit- the hedgehog whirl (which has got its name from the hedgehog because of the spiky structure)’

Dr. Jani further discussed that the “rotate latitude component” compounded with “structural setup” provides us with “different stereographic projections” giving us “a unique value defining stability for each state” which in turn, provides a magnetic zoology of structures.

Race-track logic:

“The individual orientation of objects (the whirls) passing through different pathways and tracks (the logic gates) which integrates the memory and logic.”

Whirls in Rust (Dr. Jani’s research):

Dr. Jani told us the rust used is a specula type of rust- ‘single-crystal rust’. It is produced when “a highly energetic UV Light is projected on a material which ejects plasma that is collected on a template (sapphire).”

“When we obtain a X-ray image of the rust, we observe a family of whirls, a unique characteristic of the material.”