Similarities amongst Diversities

A rocky road to a building makes way,

To a place with unimaginable stories;

An open gate and open hearts,

Bark, moos and mews are given a free pass.

A big, blue-gated establishment stood,

Proud to provide a safe, warm hood

For those animals who have no one,

They’re given love and can now have fun.

We walked in, eager to do our part,

To aid those in need of a fresh start;

Tales, no less than the ones we’ve heard,

Of the four-legged creatures were there unfurled.

The howls and barks that filled the air;

The sound of life couldn’t be compared.

Roxy, Anand, Mango and Kaali,

All stood there, tails wagging happily.

Undeterred by their dark and difficult past,

None of which could’ve been forecast.

Abandonment, torture, and mere ignorance,

Just showed mankind’s indifference;

But some emerged to help them out,

Cradling them, and understanding what they’re all about.

Whether in sickness, whether in health,

The love they give is very much felt.

Looking how far a helping hand goes,

Can show the view of an endless road;

Ten puppies, near their mother were nestling,

Another expecting dog was lying down, resting.

Such heart-felt happiness was now being spread,

You could only see a rainbow rising up ahead.

So, when you get the chance to aid,

It doesn’t matter whether they can reciprocate.

The love that they towards you will send,

Will surely be worth it in the end;

Don’t just see how different is the other,

The diversities are less important than what is similar.

All need love, and all need kindness,

And the mark that we leave will become their eyes’ brightness.

-Anushka Srivatsan