Political Polarization in Global Press

The role of press in a country’s functioning has been axiomatic from a long time but the highly contagious virus of fear and favour has started invading the cells of journalism.

Public’s trust in the global media houses has been downgrading since it started protecting and painting the lies of high-authority officials and presenting them as golden words of gospels. If we dig a little deeper to the not-so-recent past, we find US President Eisenhower’s lies about the U-2 spy plane, President Johnson’s lies about the war in Vietnam and President Nixon’s lies about the Watergate as some very firm instances to support this point. Moreover, these shreds of evidence were extracted by scratching just the superficial level of the pit that stores the darkest secrets of history about the wrongful manipulation of media by using means of fear and favour.

Political polarization is on the rise. One thing that has always been hard to understand is: Why media outlets cannot produce the truth as it is? Why is there always a need to fabricate the information?

If something deserves criticism, the analysis should be done from every perspective to show its actual model. The goal is not to praise every government policy but to act as a safety valve of the democracy. The strategy used by a country’s government to fund or threaten them well has been serving as a helpful tool for inclining the press and turning it into their mere puppet. Humanity is crushing under their vicious acts of spreading propaganda and half-truths. They’re blindfolding the innocents and forcing them to wander in a city filled with hatred, oppression, ethnocentrism and extreme prejudice. The long-simmering humanitarian crisis suffered by these lost souls will soon reach a boiling point and result in protests where, ironically, their peaceful actions will be questioned.

Importance of a free and independent media is to be realized not only by the journalists but also by the people who run a democratic state which is captured in the cobweb of sectarian interests. Correspondents who try to counter the traditional practices of biasness are pressurized, terrorized and are pressed on their soft emotional spot until they finally break. The politics of “fear or favour” used by tyrants, who hide behind the façade of one of the most successful world leaders, has led to the creation of a population where more than half are brainwashed, and the rest are silenced to such extent that even their screams cannot be heard.

The whole notion of journalism has been forcefully altered by the power-hungry forces that are converting it into a toy for the mere purpose of distraction, diversion and entertainment. This is unacceptable. It is time for the augmentation of trust in the media sector. It is time to clear all the allegations. It is time to stop the dignity of journalism from being questioned on the pedestal of truth. It is time to raise voice before the truth is stifled, once again.

When all organs fail, the fourth organ of the State rises. There are still many press correspondents and organizations that fight against this pandemic of misinformation. There are journalists who work actively in preventing the spread of doctored facts and improper interpretation of what leaders say. The freedom of press is of cardinal significance, especially when there is still a ray of hope that the power of media’s transparency and expression shall let no fear or favour put a scratch on its reputation. The only question is: Is the world ready to stop the blind acceptance?

-Prabhav Tripathi