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HR Manager

Abhiram was a student of class 12th, who studied Humanities along with Economics and Legal Studies. He has actively participated in Model UN conferences for the past four years and has been victorious at some of the most prestigious conferences of the country. He is a national level debater in Hindi and English. He has been a part of the College Debating Team.


Abhiram has served as a pupil authority at La Martiniere College. He has been a part of the Hindi Editorial Board, as well. He is a member of the 'United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth' and is working with the organization on humanitarian affairs. As a MUNer, he specializes in conventional committees and has often received special remarks from the Executive Board for his public speaking skills. If Abhiram gets the opportunity to participate in events like elocutions or quizzes, he never fails to grab it! Having a keen interest in the Technology department, he has won many web designing competitions and is one of the best student graphic designers in the college. He has also served as the Under Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information in LMUN'19 and Secretary-General in LMUN'20.


When it comes to retro Indian songs, Abhiram is its walking encyclopedia and a single mention about this topic in front of him shall lead to the automatic start of Abhiram-special oration on the same.


Abhiram loves to speak, and so hopes to make a career for himself in the field of law, or anywhere he gets to voice his opinion.