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Head of Marketing

Kritin Bhasin is a student of class 10th, studying Commercial studies and Mathematics along with Mass Media and Communications at La Martiniere College, Lucknow.

He has been an avid enthusiast of various Public Speaking events such as debates, elocutions, spoken word open mics, MUNs since a very young age. 

He has received several prizes in MUNs and debates as a participant and has also chaired and moderated many competitions. His significant involvement in various public speaking activities clearly reflects his general knowledge and articulate skills. Apart from speaking, Kritin is very fond of reading and writing. Additionally, Kritin has been involved with theatre for more than 6 years and has over 7 productions to his name in the capacity of both cast and crew. 

He has shown his writing skills to the world by serving as the content writer for La Martiniere Model United Nations Society’s social media handles and an article writer for “The Uncensored” news agency. Kritin Bhasin manages the virtual workspace

Whenever he takes a break from the above extra-curricular activities and academics, he listens to songs, likes to draw, write poetry and also reflect into a deep void filled with mayhem, also known as his life.