SoLEco Co-ordinator

Aryaman Sethi is a student of class 10th reading mathematics, economics and mass communication in La Martiniere College, Lucknow. He has won a profusion of awards in Hindi and English debates and elocutions. He actively participates in MUNs organised by well-reputed and obliged institutions throughout the country as well as internationally and has won several commendable awards, thereby securing himself a place in the MUN circuit.

Aryaman is compassionate, understanding and proves to be a good listener and speaker. He possesses leadership skills and knows how to integrate the skill-set of his fellow-mates to bring out the best for the upliftment and betterment of the team. He continues to demonstrate his proficiency in Music. 

This 15 year-old is a music producer/composer and is a part of the music producer-composer duo ‘AB & ARYAMAN’ who specialise in the genre ‘Indie- Pop’ making them one of the few Indie-pop artists in Lucknow. The duo has released two songs, out of which one was recognised by the leading record labels of India- Pehchaan Music and went on to secure the 94th position in iTunes Top 200 Songs in India and other leading streaming platforms. He takes a keen interest in exploring the field of music and playing musical instruments.

Aryaman has been participating in dramatics since class 2 and plays an integral part every year in the annual entertainment programme. He can also be seen taking part in a number of house activities and penning articles for the college magazine and other publications occasionally. He has good management skills and keeps sharpening this prowess by organising many events in school. Aryaman Sethi manages the virtual workspace for La Martiniere Model United Nations Society. He serves as a part of the various societies in the college. He is not only an active participant in the plethora of events held in school but also academically excels in the subjects he has opted for. He is determined by nature and enjoys playing sports like basketball and badminton. He keeps himself updated with the various pressing problems and things going around all over the world. While perfectly balancing the things mentioned he resorts to making music and composing songs in his leisure time for he is adamant about taking it up as a profession. 

Aryaman has been learning music production since he was 10 years old and wishes to attend music colleges like the Berklee College of Music and making a name for his duo in the industry.