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Head of Administration

Ameya Gupta is a student of class 10th studying Commercial Studies, Mathematics and Mass Communication. Since his childhood, Ameya holds a keen interest in Business and Commercial Studies and aspires to become an Entrepreneur. He has maintained a good academic record and has won prizes in subjects like Mathematics, Geography and History. Furthermore, he has an interest in photography as well and in his free time, he can either be spotted with his DSLR or on his laptop binging either anime or Netflix.


Ameya has also been consistent and up to date with several co-curricular activities offered by his school which include public speaking, quizzes and photography and has secured a plethora of awards in MUN conferences throughout India. 


Ameya also consistently shows his leadership and teamwork skills by helping in organising several events in his school. He is also an active member in several of his school societies like La Martiniere MUN Society, History Society and Law Society and serves as an OC Member for LMUN Society. Ameya also manages the virtual workspace for his school's annual magazine, Constantia and its online Initiative. He also works as a core member for India’s First Student-led Consultancy firm and helped in organising India’s First pride business conclave. Furthermore, Ameya is also a co-founder of "The Graffiti Store" an independent clothing and apparel store that sells customised and contemporary products.