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About Us

Mortal’s Well-being Trust is a student run non-profit organisation which aims to provide- food, medical and educational aid to the underprivileged section of the society. It was established in the year 2020 by its 8 founding members and now it has a team of more than 100 volunteers from all over India. Mortal’s Well-being Trust organises regular charity drives in the city of Lucknow to provide tangible aid to the underprivileged, it organises symposiums with dignitaries from various professional fields who come and share their intellect with the audience and lastly, the organisation has its own newsletter, Mortal’s Gazette which publishes articles on contemporary issues of immediate importance, it also covers the verbatim of our symposiums. In these grave times, The Mortal’s Well-being Trust has taken the oath to serve the nation and help the citizens fight their battles against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Even with the necessary changes which took place in our methods due to the pandemic, what remains constant is the mission and vision of our organisation which is to serve humanity and the society in any possible way. We may have shifted from physical drives to online symposiums and COVID 19 Resources information curation but our mission to help society and humanity will remain until the world becomes a better place to live. We also aim to be a student-run organisation that has a major positive influence on society.

Our Vision is to make this society a less hostile and a more cooperative place. We aim to gather a strong team of benevolent volunteers who would be part of our welfare society and would altruistically help us in providing education, food and medical aid to the underprivileged and a selfless service to the nation.